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Professional Toilet Installation, Repair and Replacement

My Fontana Plumber’s toilet installation, repair and replacement service is guaranteed to help you save money on your future water bills, enough to cover the costs of our services.

Here’s how you’ll know that you need toilet repair or replacement and what we’ll do to help you…

Signs That You Need Toilet Repair, Fontana, CA

The longer you stay with a faulty toilet, the worse the problem would become, which might eventually necessitate costlier replacement.

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Contact us promptly for quick and affordable repair, if you experience these problems:

  • A clogged toilet

You would know your toilet is clogged if water rises in the bowl instead of draining out.

To sort this out, we’ll investigate if there’s an obstruction in the trap. It may even be more complex, if it’s due to an obstruction within the drainpipe or the sewer line.

  • A rocking toilet

Your toilet needs repair if it moves, rocks, or swivels when you touch it.

The issue could be that it’s disconnected from the floor. We’ll also investigate further if there are other problems with the toilet or floor.

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  • Ghost flushing/ running/ leaking toilets

You certainly have a problem if your toilet is randomly running its water fill cycle on its own.

Our prompt repair service will prevent daily wastage of up to 200 gallons of water, due to the leaking toilet. We’ll assess the overflow pipe for corrosion and the flush valve assembly, which are the likely culprits causing dumping of water down the overflow tube. For a comprehensive evaluation, we’ll also consider if the flapper valve is worn out, among other factors.

  • Increased water use

You might find that you’re using more water than usual, but have no idea why.

In such a situation, you’ll need our expert inspection services to figure out exactly what is the cause of the unexplained water use.

Call us as soon as possible when you see such signs, to avoid further damage to your toilet and even other surrounding fixtures.

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Reasons to Replace Your Toilet

In certain instances, it would be more economical to simply replace your toilet instead of going through a series of consecutive repairs.

My Fontana Plumber will replace your toilet with a more durable model, if you experience these issues:

  • Recurring clogs

If you need to flush your toilet more than once or experience frequent clogging, you would be better off replacing it. This is often an issue with older, low-flush varieties; hence, a new model would eliminate the problem.

  • A crack

When cleaning your toilet, check the tank and bowl for any cracks. Also regularly check for leaking water whenever you flush. Doing this will help you identify cracks early so you can replace the toilet before it worsens and even ruins your floor.

  • Excessive water use

If your toilet is using up too much water, replacing it with an efficient, low-flush model is the solution. An efficient toilet would use less than 2 gallons of water unlike older versions that use 3-5 gallons per flush. We’ll install the new fixture properly to ensure you don’t experience other challenges in future.

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  • Your bathroom doesn’t look attractive

Perhaps, the only reason you want a new toilet is to spice up the appearance of your bathroom. We’ll help you identify the best designs that match your bathroom theme. If you also want to remodel the room, we’ll ensure whatever changes we apply don’t affect existing plumbing installations. Contact us for a professionally done remodel that you’ll be proud of.

Toilet Installation

For new homeowners, we’ll install the latest toilet models, and ensure all plumbing systems are properly set up.

Some of the considerations we make when installing toilets, include:

  • Plumbing systems

We’ll ensure the plumbing system can handle the capacity of the fixtures installed, including the toilet, bathtub and sink.

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  • Quality

The toilet and all its parts would be made of durable materials. My Fontana Plumber only sources plumbing fixtures from reputable manufacturers.

  • Efficiency

We install water efficient toilets which help you save 1.6 gallons per flush or more.

  • Comfort

The products we select are all beautifully designed and comfortable to use.

You can expect to get these and many more plumbing services from My Fontana Plumber.

Contact us today for the best toilet services in Fontana, CA.