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Slab Leak Repair, Fontana, CA

A slab leak happens if a leak occurs in pipes located underneath your concrete slab (house foundation). My Fontana Plumber will repair the leak professionally without tearing up your entire slab.

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With every slab leak repair, we guarantee:

  • Use of high-grade material
  • Compliance with OSHA standards
  • Expert evaluation before and inspection after the task
  • Minimal impact on your slab

What You Must Know About Slab Leaks

Proper knowledge about slab leaks can help you avoid costly damage to your property.

Different Types of Slab Leaks

We have had the experience of effectively dealing with all manner of slab leaks for residents in Fontana, CA.

The type of slab leak would depend on the type of plumbing system involved:

  • Your may have a leak on the cold water supply line coming in from the city water utilities, or circulating through your house.
  • A leak in your hot water supply line, if it runs under your slab instead of going through the attic.
  • Your sewer or drain lines may have a leak. This involves waste from bathrooms, washing machines, toilets and kitchens being expelled out of the house.


Whatever type of leak you have and regardless of how extensive or limited it is, contact us for quick and professional service.


How to Identify Slab Leaks

Through our regular maintenance services, we’ll quickly identify slab leaks and remedy the situation early.

Due to the concealed nature of under-slab plumbing, by the time you notice signs of a leak, it would have been leaking for quite a while.

You might notice these signs:


Sign of a slab leak



Wetness/ dampness on your floor/ carpetCaused by leaked water moving up through microscopic cracks in your slab
Warm spots on certain areas of your floorMay be due to leaking hot water systems
Moldy smellCaused by dampness going unnoticed for long
Your meter spinning when you’ve shut off all outletsIf you don’t have other issues like running toilets, dishwasher leaks or dripping faucets, there’s probably a leak in the main water supply line
Sound of running water when all faucets are shutWater is moving through the pipes and out through the holes the plumbing lines
An unexpected increase in your water billYou’re probably losing water from the main supply line
Floor or wall cracksAlthough cracks occur normally, if it also involves the other related signs, it could be a sign of a slab leak


You can also regularly inspect your floor and the perimeter of your home for unusual wet areas.

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Our experienced team will carry out a thorough inspection to ensure it’s actually a slab leak and not any other issue.


Reasons Why Slab Leaks Occur

Through our expertise and broad knowledge of plumbing issues, we have developed repair techniques that would help resolve the main causes of slab leaks, so you won’t require frequent plumbing repair.

Considering the unique nature of concrete foundations, compared to pier and beam structures, several issues may lead to plumbing leaks:

  • If the soil beneath your slab has high clay content, it may expand when absorbing water during wet seasons, pushing up the slab. This is likely to exert some pressure on and affect the plumbing within your slab.
  • During warm seasons, the high clay content soil would lose moisture and shrink. This gives less support to your slab which would experience downward movement that in turn affects the inbuilt plumbing.
  • A poorly constructed concrete slab can exert pressure on the plumbing lines.

When we undertake repair, we ensure not to pour the concrete too close to the pipes, since such close contact could easily transmit pressure to the pipes if the slab experiences even slight movement.

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Why You Need Slab Leak Repair Urgently

A slab leak requires urgent attention, because:

  • The moment you notice a slab leak, it could have gone on for too long already.
  • Your entire home is built on the concentrate foundation; hence, slab leaks can destabilize your house.
  • If left for too long, repair would be even more costly.
  • The leaks can affect other fixtures and cause lots more property damage.

Once you identify a slab leak, contact us immediately for quick and effective repair.

Why Slab Leak Repair is so Sensitive

As you might already know, slab leaks are harder to repair compared to plumbing line leaks in homes built on pier and beam structures, which allow easy access to spaces beneath the floor.

Repairing a leak under your concrete slab can be invasive and costly. For this reason, you must only depend on a licensed plumber; otherwise, the issues might not be resolved or might even worsen.

My Fontana Plumber is licensed to carry out slab leak repairs within Fontana, CA.

You can depend on our expertise to competently repair your slab leak without future recurrence.

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How We Remedy Slab Leaks

This is the process we follow when handling slab leaks:

  1. Our experts will examine your problem to ensure it’s actually a slab leak and not any other related issue, which might not require such extensive repair work.
  2. We always get the appropriate work permits whether we’re dealing with commercial or residential buildings.
  3. We locate all utilities and mark them prior to excavation. This ensures excavation doesn’t affect other fixtures within your home or cause further damage.
  4. After carefully assessing the extent and type of slab leak you have, we’ll determine the most appropriate repair methods and the best tools to effectively deal with the situation.
  5. All obstacles are cleared from the work area. The area is also partitioned to allow only access for workers, which ensures public safety.
  6. During repair, we always seek to limit the extent of repair work. We ensure minimal interference with your home/ work place and landscape.
  7. Once repair is done, we’ll test your system to make sure it actually works. We’ll do this until every hole, access point or tunnel is properly fixed.
  8. When the work is complete, your workplace or home would be thoroughly cleaned, including washing down your walkway, patios and driveway.
  9. Proper inspection is always carried out to verify quality of the work done, based on industry standards.

We’ll always keep you updated on every step we take, so you know exactly what’s happening and why.

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The Techniques We Use in Slab Leak Repair

Our team is skilled and proficient in handling all forms of slab leaks, within different types of building.

This means we’re well versed in utilizing various slab leak repair strategies:


slab leak repair strategies






Tunneling guarantees minimal intrusion of your concrete floor. Instead of digging directly to the slab leak, we would tunnel a path underneath your concrete slab.


This method is best used where multiple leaks exist. Instead of digging up your entire floor, we would tunnel through and repair precise locations.





Slab penetration

This is a method we would use only as a last resort, if the other less-intrusive methods cannot be applied.


Here, we’ll dig directly to the leak. Consequently, this would be a noisy procedure that would also involve replacement costs to restore the original look of your floor.


Following repair, we always make sure to restore your original floor, including tile, laminate, linoleum, wood or other types of flooring.

Concrete Slab Leaks

If your home was built on a concrete slab, this means your plumbing lines were installed under several inches of concrete. You might think that the concrete would offer added protection, but just like anything else, these lines can wear over time.

While a leak in the slab may sound scary, surprisingly, it is a fairly easy fix when done by a skilled plumbing team. The hardest part of the process is locating and accessing the leak. It is imperative that once you discover that you have a slab leak to have it repaired immediately to avoid further damage.The professionals at My Fontana Plumber can assess your plumbing problems quickly and efficiently.

What Causes a Slab Leak?

There are many possible causes of slab leaks. The problem can come from your cold supply line, hot water supply line, or your sewage lines. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Shifting soils.In most areas of the United States moisture levels are constantly changing, which causes frequent ground movement. Shifting soils can put a great amount of pressure on your slab. Over time, this can cause your pipes to loosen or crack; resulting in a leak.
  • Improperly wrapped pipes. Water pipes should be properly wrapped and insulated during the building process. If this is not done, future problems are inevitable. Your pipes will expand and contract, especially when hot water is in use. This results in the pipes rubbing against the concrete, causing friction and wear.
  • Chemical reactions. This reaction occurs when the copper water lines come in contact with certain minerals that are found in soil. This is usually a subtle, but over time erosion can occur.
  • Damaged lines. Nicks or small punctures can occur at the time of installation, or when the heavy concrete is poured over the lines. This may be subtle enough that it goes unnoticed during the initial inspection, but can evolve into a much bigger issue as time goes on.

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Signs of a Slab Leak

Sometimes it is hard for the homeowner to detect a leaky slab. If you suspect you may have a leak, look for the following signs:

  • Increase in your water bill. If you experience a significant rise in your water bill with no known cause, it is likely you have some type of leak. Many times, this will be an indication of a problem for homes with a concrete slab.
  • Wet or damp flooring. When there is a water leak the concrete will absorb the moisture, and if left long enough, it will eventually move up into your carpet, tile, or wood floors.
  • Sounds of running water.If you notice the sound of running water, but cannot locate its source, there is a good possibility you have a water leak.
  • Warm spots on the floor.If a break in the water hot water line occurs, you may experience unusual warm spots on the floor when walking around barefooted.
  • Sporadic mold or mildew growth.Mold and mildew will grow in areas where there is too much moisture. If you notice growth on carpet or flooring where there is no visible moisture, you should investigate the cause immediately. Mold can cause a plethora of problems, including serious health issues. Mold and mildew is normally accompanied by an unpleasant odor.
  • Raised area on the floor.A dome or raised area in the floor can signal a possible sewage line leak.
  • Cracked slab.Plumbing leaks cause moisture to seep into existing cracks which can cause significant structural damage. If you notice a cracked or buckling floor you should call a professional immediately.
  • Soil washed away from slab. When you notice dirt being pushed away from the perimeter of your home for no apparent reason you will want to inspect the slab. This is a sign of a sewage leak.


Detecting a Slab Leak

The caring team at My Fontana Plumber understands your concerns regarding concrete slab leaks. We will thoroughly investigate your problem to rule out any other related issues before diagnosing a slab leak. Our company stays up-to-date with current industry standards and we use the most comprehensive equipment to detect slab leaks properly.

It is important to use modern tools like electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators when detecting a slab plumbing problem. This allows our customer’s issues to be resolved while being minimally invasive. Avoiding property damage is a top priority for My Fontana Plumber.

Slab Leak Repair Options

There are a few ways we may remedy your slab leak depending on your individual plumbing needs.

  • Spot repair.This process will be used whenever possible. We will access the bad section and replace it with a new piece. This is the easiest and most cost-effective route when dealing with fairly new construction.
  • Rerouting or replumbing lines. This involves replaces the entire line or system if needed. We use this technique when the line is too damaged to be repaired. This will normally be the most affordable option for older homes that have a history of plumbing leaks.
  • Pipe relining. This is a trenchless pipe repair where epoxy is used to recoat the inside of your lines to repair leaks. If your system has a series a small leaks this maybe the best option for you. The materials harden into a long-lasting substance that will not have to be replaced for many years.

Slab Leak Specialists

The skilled technicians at My Fontana Plumber have the proper knowledge needed to handle slab leaks, so our customers can avoid costly repairs. My Fontana Plumber is just a phone call away.  We are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for residents of Fontana and surrounding communities.

If you suspect you have a slab leak, or any plumbing issues, call the professional staff at My Fontana Plumber today!

Through use of advanced plumbing techniques, materials and equipment, we can effectively repair slab leaks and prevent future issues.

Various ways we remedy slab leaks include:

  • Removing the bad sections of your pipe and replacing it with a new one.
  • Re-routing your plumbing system if it has significant deterioration or too many leaks. We can re-route the affected sections or the entire system.
  • Trenchless pipe repair. Here, we’ll reline your pipes, effectively sealing off any holes or cracks without digging out your slab.

Call My Fontana Plumber today for the best slab leak services.