Slab leaks repair used to mean that the slab under the house had to be broken apart. This is a labor intensive job that would require several days to be finished. Truck My Fontana Plumber

Today we can just shoot a liner under the slab and usually have it completed in the same day. Call us as we provide free estimates and free consultations for Fontana and the surrounding areas.

There is entirely no need to disturb the yards, buildings or driveways.

If you do not want your slab to be dug up then contact us today for your free estimates. We are confident we can reline your slab and repair your leaks.

Signs of Slab Leak

When a floor leaks, the destruction can manifest itself in many ways. Along with cracks in the concrete in extreme cases, the floors will be moist or wet.

In other instances, the interior wall may be pulled down to the floor, instead of separating from the ceiling. Walls can also pull away from other walls, and inner wall cracks can form, commonly off the corners of interior doors.

Slab-Leak-Rancho Cucamonga

Among the most complicated and hard plumbing issues that Fontana customers have encountered during our time of serving the Fontana and surrounding areas are water leaks in the slab foundation of a home that has no basement or crawl space.  That is why the Fontana Slab Leak is here, we will handle on the leaks in your slab appropriately.

A leaky slab is often caused by the concrete pulling the excessive moisture up from the ground if the foundation was layed without the proper amount of gravel and rock underneath.

This moisture can then enter the house and create dangerous moldy conditions. Rainwater runoff and broken pipes are other major problems that call for slab leak repair in addition to foundations left unsealed that connect to another wall.

Slab leak repair requires a specific professional expertise that is beyond the experience of most homeowners. The process of slab leak repair doesn’t have to be a nightmare when homeowners are wise enough to trust in our experience doing this type of plumbing repair.


Homeowners often detect dark spots in concrete when there hasn’t been any recent rainfall or notice an un-explainable spike in their water usage. Pooled water can often be observed at the lowest edge of the concrete slab. But the sooner the homeowner calls Able & Willing to arrange for an on-site inspection, the sooner the slab leak can be fixed and prevent even greater expense and damage to the home’s foundation.

When To Call

Because fast action is the best course of action when dealing with slab leak repair, customers can reach out to us to request emergency repair service on a 24/7 basis. This may include, holidays, late nights and weekends.

One of our licensed and experienced professional plumbing technicians will be dispatched as quickly as possible to the homeowner’s location. They will be able to determine exactly what is causing the slab leak. Most often, the leak comes from a broken pipe located underneath the foundation.

Why Choose Fontana Slab Leak

Our team works quickly to carefully remove as little of the flooring as possible in order to reach the piping needing repair or replacement. This is essential so that the area can dry out completely prior to being refilled with fresh concrete. Like all of our plumbing services, the Fontana Slab Leak projects come with our unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

Call us today if you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment.

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