Water leaks can spring up anywhere in your plumbing system. They may unexpectedly appear behind your walls, under your floors, or even in your home’s concrete slab foundation.

Hidden water leaks can go on for some time before the signs are evident, at which point the damage is already done. If you suspect you have a leak because your water bill is going up, you hear water running somewhere, or you have tell-tale signs of water damage, contact us today for your Bloomington slab leak problems today.

We will help you to pinpoint the exact source of the leak using modern electronic leak detection equipment.
Do not allow just anyone to come into your home and tear open walls and floors in search of a leak. Our experts use state-of-the-art infrared and acoustic leak detection equipment that detects the leak without destroying your property.

Once we find the leak with this non-invasive technology, our plumbers will go right to the source and recommend the most appropriate repair that fits your budget and gives you the best results.

Contact our qualified leak detection plumbers today for an estimate.