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We are a pinhole leak repair specialist in California.

We have assisted a lot of our clients to get rid of the costly and inconvenient repairs with our guaranteed solutions for water breaks in their properties and business.

We have rehabilitated many feet of high rise domestic hot water piping in our area of operation. We use our trenchless technology, doing work for thousands of satisfied customers and providing them with a comprehensive solution for their pinhole leaks.

Better Than New Pipes

Our system finishes the pipe interior with a food grade epoxy coating. At the same time, they incorporate the structural strength of the copper pipe.

This combination creates a system that is more secure than plastic pipes without the corrosive properties of copper pipes.

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Why are Pinholes happening to my building?

Erosion of metal pipes serving the water and gas industry are universal and inevitable. This is when they are coming in contact with chemicals used to make your water safe to drink.

Harsh recirculation systems rushed installations, and environmental changes all have something to do with pinhole leaks.


Most condo owners enjoy the convenience of instant hot water, however, the techniques used to keep the water hot create pitting which eat’s away at the interior of the copper pipe leading to a small pin sized hole thus the name pinhole leak.

What will pipeline do for your high rise?

  • Finish costly and disturbing water shut downs.
  • Finish damaging and expensive pinhole repairs.
  • Get rid of the need to destroy walls, backsplashes, and finished surfaces.
  • Provide a more stable than a new pipe.
  • Save up to 30% when matched to traditional re-pipe methods.
  • A lifespan of beyond 50 years
  • The reconstruction and rejuvenation of your domestic hot water system including the main shut off valves.
  • Corrosion free risers!
  • Peace of mind for property managers and owners.

How Pipe Lining saves your water consumption?

As you can imagine the hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water wasted when a pinhole occurs, then a water shut down will have to occur for the repair to take place, and this usually means draining the building or riser to fix the copper pipes.

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This process is done every day all around. It amounts millions of gallons of lost water per year.

Never let you building fall under this statistics. Take up a proactive approach and ensure your domestic hot water system is free from pinholes. This is important and will help you never to need a building closed down for pinhole repairs again!

Pinhole Leak Repair: Faster Detection

Most of the people don’t realize it until it’s too late. It can slowly creep into your walls, carpeting or internal systems without much warning, and then one day you’re left with a massive problem.

Other times, customers are lucky enough to notice that there’s some problem early on.  Either way, when it’s a pinhole, it’s not going to be something easily detectable.

These problems often occur in already hard to reach places, leaving you with heavy duty repair bills.

Our Team

Our expert, licensed team has the tools and technology to detect these problems as fast and efficient as possible.


All our hired technicians have received top notch education, and are decked with cutting-edge equipment.

Our Goal

Our goal is to preserve your property and solve the problem before it becomes something bigger.

Pinhole leaks usually occur when the inner surface of the pipe is worn away over time. It’s either in one small spot or anywhere throughout a building. Corrosion causes the pipe to wear and tear.

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Simply put, pinhole leaks are a problem that will occur in a domestic high-rise building. You can ask any professional how to prevent them but you will invariably receive the same response, you can fix them but they are absolutely impossible to avoid in many cases.

They are often the culprit behind damaged underfloor, flooring and drywall. They contribute to contaminated water supplies and poor flow levels. They push insurance rates through the roof and residents to their limit.

All this will make your life miserable if they are not checked and repaired. Call a trusted professional. Someone who has experience and power to do a trusted long-lasting job. At My Fontana Plumber, we specialize in pin hole leaks detection and repair.

Nearly 100 per cent of residential high-rise buildings utilize domestic hot water recirculation systems to provide hot water to taps on demand. The hot water required to service every suite moves constantly through copper pipes.

This persistent flow, combined with the soft quality of copper, poor system design, and chemically-treated municipal water supplies, leads to a deterioration from the inside of the pipes in domestic hot water re-circulation systems.

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Leak detection isn’t always easy as a pipe that appears strong from the outside, regardless of age, may be on the verge of complete deterioration from within. Even the most up to date leak detection methods and equipment (sensors, acoustic leak detection, etc.) may miss it. Sadly, there are times in which deterioration only becomes noticeable when the inner wall of copper pipe reaches paper thinness, and springs a leak.

So miniscule that it may not even be visible from a distance, that tiny hole is one of hundreds that may be forming, or potentially exist already. Over time, the rate at which they appear will only increase, as the interior of the copper pipe reduces to a fraction of its original thickness.

However, the measures and solutions that we put in place can be relied on. The solution can be relied upon to more than double the service lifespan of the pipes within your domestic hot water system. We employ an epoxy coating which adheres to the interior of the piping, sealing any potential leaks. That epoxy coating is resistant to the variables within your system which make pipeline vulnerable.

Water Pipes will Leak for a Number of Reasons:

Water Velocity

Fast moving water through pipes will act like sandpaper on wood, a hole will develop. A small pipe can carry too much water; this causes the speed of the water to increase beyond what the pipe should bear and the pipe wall wears away. Small dead-end pipe sections can often cause stagnant water locations, leading to bacteria growth and pinhole leaks as well.

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Excessive Water Pressure

High pressure makes water move very fast through pipes. Damaged valves and unbalanced water flows also cause high or low pressure in small sections of the pipe network; this causes the speed of the water to increase beyond what the pipe should bear and the pipe wall wears away.


When new pipe sections are joined together, a small ridge can accidently be left on the inside of the connection. If these ridges are not removed prior to joining, flowing water hitting that ridge will bounce over it, like a car over a speed bump. This water bounce will wear away the pipe wall, near the cut edge. This is why many leaks occur at elbows, valves or tee fittings.

Water Chemistry

The area around provide high quality water, suitable for human consumption after treatment with various chemicals such as chlorine, Alum, carbon, caustic soda, chloramine, and fluoride. However, this water can corrode pipe networks over time. This is why many leaks occur at elbows, valves or tee fittings throughout the entire building.

Unbalanced Piping Systems

Without adequate balance, too much water will flow very fast through small portions of the building’s water service. This can cause pinhole leaks. Balancing valves are used to limit the flow rate to prevent pipe wall damage.

Non-stop flow

Often a small re-circulation pump is used to make sure that hot water is instantaneously available throughout a large building. This pump usually runs non-stop. Over time, this pump may cause the water to slowly wear away the inner surface of the pipe; especially if it moves more water than needed.

Current repair options are often costly and act as a “Band-Aid” solution for pinhole leaks. Re-plumbing and epoxy pipe-lining often attack the symptoms behind pinhole leaks rather than the root causes. While re-balancing pipe networks with new flow-control valves and using smaller capacity recirculation pumps can often lower the rate of corrosion, this rarely prevents most pinhole leaks.

Fixing Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes can cause serious water damage to your home if it is not taken care of immediately. But sometimes, for whatever reason, it’s not possible to have a plumber out right away. So if you’re stuck in one of those situations, here a three temporary fixes for leaky pipes.

Plumbers Epoxy

One way to fix a leaky pipe is to use something call “plumbing epoxy”. Plumbing epoxy is a putty-like substance that is comparable to molding clay. When using it to fix a leak, obviously make sure there is no water running through the pipe. Then take a small amount off, enough to cover a small leak, and knead it around in your hands a little bit. This will help to loosen it, allowing it to stick over the crack/hole more efficiently. Let it sit and harden for a few minutes, then test the epoxy by turning on the water.

Rubber Wrap with a Pipe Repair Clamp

Start by drying the area around the leak. Then take a thin piece of rubber (like a bicycle inner-tube) and wrap it around the leak once. Now, tightly wrap the rubber with electrical tape to hold it in place. Then finally, fasten a C-clamp around the patch to create pressure with the seal. This will hold long enough for a plumber to come in a repair the problem correctly.


If you’re in a pinch, and don’t have time to get any of the above materials, the best thing you can do is use duct tape. This is something that should be used as a very temporary fix for a leaky pipe. Turn of the water and dry the area thoroughly around the leak. Tightly wrap the tape around the pipe. It is very important that the wrap is tight to prevent water from leaking out. This quick fix won’t hold for a long period of time, so it is important to make sure that you have a plumber repair the leak as soon as possible

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