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24/7 Plumbing Emergency Services in Fontana, CA

My Fontana Plumber offers quality plumbing services every hour of the day, every day of the week, throughout the year. You’ll never find our doors closed.

Since plumbing issues can arise at any time, we are always available to deal with all your pluming problems in Fontana, CA. We have the capacity to deal with both residential and commercial emergency plumbing needs.

Fast, Effective and Affordable

Just because it’s an emergency doesn’t mean you’ll get less quality than normal plumbing.

Every emergency plumbing issue is handled to the highest industry standards. We have developed a well-refined and efficient system that enables us deal with diverse types of plumbing issues quickly and effectively. This includes diagnosis of the problem, rectifying the issue and testing to ensure proper function.

Moreover, our emergency plumbing services are just as affordable as normal plumbing care.


 When to Call for Emergency Plumbing Services

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Whatever plumbing issues you need handled urgently, call My Fontana Plumber and we’ll get it fixed:




Plumbing issueOverflowing toilet
DescriptionSuch issues as blockages in the drain could cause an overflow of your toilet. Trying to remedy the situation on your own could only make it worse, by forcing blockages further down the pipes.
Why it’s UrgentHaving an overflow means no one can use the toilet. This is especially critical if it’s within a commercial setup. Quick repair would also ensure the problem doesn’t get worse. The true cause of the issue should also be identified, which can only be done by a professional.


Plumbing issueSmell of gas
DescriptionIf there’s a smell of gas in the air, yet your stove is turned off, it’s probably due to a gas leak. Because of the potential danger involved, it’s recommended to evacuate the house or business establishment. To ensure such leaks don’t go unnoticed, you could also have prior installation of gas and carbon monoxide detection devices.
Why it’s UrgentGas leaks must be handled immediately by professionals, since there’s a real danger of fire being ignited.


Plumbing issueFlooded basement
DescriptionFlooding of your basement may occur due to such issues as overflowing toilets, burst pipes, backed up drain systems and broken hot water heaters.
Why it’s UrgentA flooded basement could affect the foundation of your house; hence, it must be remedied as soon as possible. It’s also critical that the real cause be identified and corrected quickly to prevent further damage.


Plumbing issueFrozen pipes
DescriptionDuring winter, the water in your pipes can freeze, which can potentially ruin your plumbing system.
Why it’s UrgentAs water freezes, it expands, meaning it can cause cracks in your pipes. To prevent the extra expense of replacing your plumbing lines, you should urgently seek our emergency plumbing services to correct the situation.


Plumbing issueCold showers
DescriptionCold showers could mean an issue with your water heater.
Why it’s UrgentThis can be a major issue particularly for hotels and motels that offer hot showers as part of their service packages. You definitely need it addressed promptly to avoid disappointing your clients, which can lead to a bad review. Our professional technicians are always ready to rectify such issues quickly. We have the capacity to deal with extensive tasks in commercial establishments.


Plumbing issueClogged kitchen drains
DescriptionClogged kitchen drains would likely mean you can’t use your sink anymore, since it would overflow.
Why it’s UrgentAt home, you would have a challenge during food preparation, if you can’t use your kitchen sink. In a business establishment, such as restaurants, you operations would be hampered, thus affecting your business. To avoid recurrence of such issues, contact our 24/7 plumbing service, which effectively eliminates such problems and restores your kitchen sink to function as good as new.


Plumbing issueWet yard
DescriptionSmall wet spots on your yard are a sign of leaking in the main water supply line.
Why it’s UrgentSuch incidents could mean the leak may have advanced for some time, making it necessary to urgently remedy the situation. These occurrences need the intervention of qualified professionals, since they often involve major repairs or complete replacement. We are always prepared to handle such major tasks at any time.


Plumbing issueLeaky faucets and pipes
DescriptionLeaks may not seem urgent, but they accumulate after a while to make up huge quantities of water loss.
Why it’s UrgentThe moment you find a leak, it might have gone on for a long while. This means it could affect other fixtures in your home and also exacerbate the damage to your pipes. For commercial setups, which have extensive plumbing lines, such leaks could easily add up to substantial water loss within an incredibly short time, besides potentially affecting you property.


Plumbing issueUnexplained high water bills
DescriptionAn unexplained high water bill, even when you haven’t used more water than usual, means you have a plumbing issue that you haven’t seen yet.
Why it’s UrgentThe issue causing your high water bill is sure to be a significant one and may have gone on for a while. This requires quick attention. Based on our expertise, we can carry out underground leak detection, camera pipe inspection and other operations to identify leaks and other problems that can’t be easily seen.


Plumbing issueLow water pressure
DescriptionLow water pressure may be caused by a pressure valve malfunction or other issues.
Why it’s UrgentThis is particularly urgent for commercial establishments, like restaurants and hotels. Your business needs sufficient water flow to avoid service interruptions. Also, the issue causing low water pressure could lead to substantial costs, especially if you have extensive plumbing systems.


Plumbing issueDamage to plumbing systems
DescriptionAccidents can happen in the home or in commercial setups, which affect your plumbing system.
Why it’s UrgentIf serious damage affects your plumbing system, you must have it fixed immediately. This may involve water heaters, main water supply lines, faucets, sinks and others.

Whatever other plumbing issue you have, My Fontana Plumber will provide prompt and effective service.

How We Do It

My Fontana Plumber uses a three-step process when handling emergency plumbing issues, to guarantee effective, long-lasting solutions.

1.     Accurate and Thorough Diagnosis

The only way to deliver effective resolutions to plumbing problems is by first making an accurate and thorough diagnosis.

Just because we guarantee quick delivery doesn’t mean we rush through the diagnosis process. All aspects of your burst pipes, backups, severe clogs and other problems would be evaluated. The true cause must first be identified so the problem doesn’t recur.

Our technicians are experienced in examining various forms of plumbing issues and use the latest diagnostic tools, including video inspection and underground leak detection.

You’ll always receive an update on exactly what we uncover and our intended plan of action.

2.     Permanent and Effective Solutions

Once the issue is identified, we’ll proceed to apply appropriate remedial procedures, using the latest technological advancements.

Since we arrive at your destination with a fully equipped van, we can use the best tools to quickly restore your plumbing to proper order.

Our technicians are skilled and always professional in handling plumbing issues. We always use standard procedures, apart from customizing our service to suit the specific needs of every client. We abide by all building codes and understand the requirements of commercial establishments like hospitals, restaurants and learning institutions.

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3.     Testing of Plumbing Systems

We’ll never leave a plumbing job without first testing to ensure the system works properly.

By testing your plumbing system, we’re able to identify any other aspects that may need repair or replacement. Most of all, our practise of testing has enabled us to deliver great customer satisfaction in every task we handle.

Whatever time it is and whatever plumbing issue you have, call  and My Fontana Plumber will handle it promptly.